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To get the most out of this blog, I recommend beginning with the earliest post and proceeding in chronological order. For the most part this blog, like a planning document, builds on data and rationale in a linear manner. You may find value in individual posts taken in isolation, but I suspect your experience will be richer if you follow the intended progression.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Plan for this Blog

In addition to general commentary on topics that interest me, this blog will consist of a collection of in-depth discussions that will require multiple posts in the form of a series.

I anticipate at least 3 series:

The World Planning Series (WPS) addressing topics of global concern

The Local Planning Series (LPS) focusing on the community level

The Personal Planning Series (PPS) investigating conditions for individuals and families

Each post associated with a series will include the series acronym in the title, along with a number representing it's place in the series.  This should help keep things organized while also satisfying my compulsive desire to create acronyms and assign structure to things.

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